Sunday, 7 November 2010

Mood Food

What we consume influences our stomachs and our minds. Just look at the Romans, who claimed that oysters stimulated their amorous side, or how in modern times we use coffee as a mental wake-up, or red wine to relax with.
While still a small market, projections of growth for “mood foods” or health beneficial ingredients are predicted to be a key strategic move for our industry in the next decade. Arriving in early 2011 are “mood” ingredients that university chefs can add to their own recipes to enhance their students’ wellbeing. As overfishing renders Omega’s 3 and 6 a rarity, turning to flax and rapeseed oils to get this valuable brain and heart improvement substance makes sense.
Mood foods are becoming a trend, and food manufacturers have cottoned on, adding these ingredients – found in and often outside of nature – to basic daily items like confectionary, ready meals, sauces and even desserts to improve our overall wellbeing. From aiding our emotional status, encouraging agility, even to improving our sex life, herbs, vegetables and natural enzymes as additives are a real growth industry.
Although of course stimulant drinks have had a firm hold on the market for several years now, ranges of drinks to relax you are growing in popularity; drinks like Malava Relax and chocolate drinks with added sleep benefits. Burgeoning trends include chocolate with lime blossoms to relax you, herbal teas that wake you, tire you and make you happier.
So eat at Wrapid® and our Omega 3 enriched flatbreads will change your day. With Christmas upon us, come on you catering departments: cook that turkey in rapeseed oils to have a truly “happy” Christmas.