Thursday, 20 May 2010

mood foods

The Romans claimed the oysters stimulated our amporous side, many wake to coffee to kick them into touch, at the end of the day the heart benefits of red wine are widely used as an excuse to relax..what we consume influences our stomachs and our minds.
Even the couch potato's are getting mood foods without even knowing it!
These mood foods are becoming a trend and many food manufacturers are adding ingredients to basic daily items like ready meals, sauces and even desserts , ingredients found in nature to improve our over all well being.
From aiding our emotional staus to aiding in agility and flexiability to improving our sex life, herbs, vegetables, natural enzymes are a growth industry.
The Big Brands are at it too with enhanced Waters or Vitimin induced juices or smoothies. In The USA even the beers have been subject to Vitamin D being addded to ginseng to stimulate that inner being.
UK Manufactures like RDA Organics are proving not to be one hit wonders, the words Waken Up, Shape Up, "Get a Life" are the key words when promoting "enhanced foods"
Even a range of drinks to relax you , rather than energise you are growing in popularity (no not red wine) but drinks like Malava Relax.
Chocolate with lime blossoms to relax you, herbal teas that wake you, tire you, make you sleepy..or growing in popularity.
While still a small market projections of growth for adding ingredients for physical or mental health are predicted to be a key growth industry in the next decade.
These mood foods or functional food ingredients have been added to bread, yoghurts and beverages for years, but are now coming into their own and appearing in breakfast cereals, sandwiches and even good old water.
Over 33% of those interviewed in UK say they have tried functional foods in some format in past 12 months.
As Omega 3 and 6 become scarce from our oceans protein sourses (seafood) turning to flax and rapeseed oils to get this valuable brain and heart improvement package makes perfect sense. Cheaply added to cakes, biscuits, ready meals and breads, even milk can be bought with Rapeseed oil in it,this is already advertised as a healthy option or neatly hidden in those ingredient lists on our staple foods.

So it's here to stay, will be growing as a market segment and watch this space...."Can I get a rapeseed latte please with a dusting of happy mood powder please"
So eat at Wrapid® and our ingredients with their great enhancers will change your day..we have snuck a few mood foods into our ethnic ingredients....