Sunday, 22 August 2010

Management Made Easy

We have a simple approach to our way of managing in Wrapid, "just do it and ask for forgiveness later" when it comes to pleasing customers thats our approach..we also feel everything about dealing with people is learned very young, but some how never applied in basic managing training schools or any restautant training manuals I have read..try this on for size and pass it on...

Most of what I really need to know about how to live, and what to do, and how to be, I learned in pre school or kindergarten (as we call it today) Wisdom was not at the top of seminars, management books or taught in any business school I attended. It was not found in the memoirs of great politicians actually. If only our politicians could apply these basic principles, surely they were taught in similar primary or pre schools as me?

These are the things I learned:
Share everything
Play fair
Don’t hit people
Put things back where they belong
Clean up your mess
Don’t take things that aren’t yours
Say you’re sorry when you hurt someone
Wash your hands before you eat
Biscuits and milk can be good for you
Live a balanced life
"Learn" and "Think" some everyday
Draw and Paint and Sing and Dance and Play and Joke and Work some every day.

Also taking naps every afternoon seemed a good idea (it is in Spain and Saudi Arabia) When you go outside watch for traffic, hold hands, stick together.
Be aware of wonder, remember the little seed in the plastic cup, the roots go up the roots down, no one really knows why, but we are all like that…as we grow up remember how important your roots are.
Goldfish or hamsters or white mice like the seeds in the cup die, we all do…

Then remember the book about Dick and Jane, the first words we learned were 'Look' (See)

Everything was there really, Golden Rules, Love, Basic Sanitation, Ecology and Politics and sane living….

Think how wonderful the Cabinet or the Peace Processes would be if we all had milk and biscuits at 3pm and then lay down together for a nap or in our nations to put things back where we found them or cleaned up our own messes first. Imagine if our forced training seminars or training sessions were run the same way.

It is still true today when you go out into the world holding hands and sticking together it definately makes it safer..a happier place to work or live..